The ETHS Solo and Ensemble Festival

Festival Information
The Annual ETHS Solo & Ensemble Festival provides ETHS music students the opportunity to prepare and perform individual and chamber selections for an audience and adjudicator. Every solo and ensemble event is evaluated by a qualified judge, who will present both written and verbal comments and rating for each performance.

Students who select to perform a solo should select material appropriate for their ability level. Solos should be more than simple exercises or etudes from a method book. Memorization is not required, but recommended.

The adjudicator MUST be supplied with an original, numbered score of your selection.

Solos with accompaniment MUST be accompanied at the festival.
If you need help finding an accompanist, please ask us for names of available pianists. You will need to arrange for this BEFORE selecting performance times.

Please include ALL ensemble member names on the form. The ensemble entry fee is $15, regardless of the size of the group.

Every event will have 8-10 minutes to enter, perform, and receive a brief verbal clinic by the adjudicator. The performance is open audience members, so encourage your family and friends to come and listen!

Although this festival is “in-house,” it is appropriate to dress nicely for your performance. For men, a dress shirt (with optional tie) and slacks would be appropriate. For women, a blouse and skirt or pants would be appropriate.

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