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This page will serve as a great resource for the Wildkit Marching Band throughout the season. Below, you will find links to our Traditional Music and Warmups (annual resources), as well as music for our fall season. Periodically, we will upload rehearsal and performance videos and mp3s to this site for purposes of student critique. These media files will often be accompanied by an assignment to be completed within the provided time period. Check back frequently for updates!









Marching Band Resources


Annual Marching Band Music

(Traditional and Warm-ups)

Traditional Mp3s

Rise, Rise for Evanston (Alma Mater) -
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Our National March -
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NFL on Fox Theme -
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ETHS Pregame Fanfare -
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Advanced Contest Warmups -
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2020 Halftime Show Music


Rock Around the Clock 1.1 -
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Summer Nights 2.2A -
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Can't Take My Eyes Off You 3.2 -
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You're The One That I Want 4.1 -
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Remember When Scores


The material listed below is from our 2019 show and remains on our site as a PLACE-KEEPER ONLY.  We will swap out the links and text when we have final versions of our Remember When show.  Stay tuned!

Part 1

Pinball Wizard

Click here to print your parts for Part 1!

Part 2


Click here to print your parts for Part 2!

Part 3

Bohemian Rhapsody

Click here to print your parts for Part 3!

Part 4

Time Warp

Click here to print your parts for Part 4!

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