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ETHS Drumline

2020 Audition

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, all auditions will be rescheduled at a time to be determined.

Please fill out the following Google Form in order to secure an audition

Audition Materials

Audition sheet music:

Audition recording references:

NOTE: The software used to create these recordings is unable to fully capture the dynamics and nuances that should be present in your performance. DO NOT take these as completely literal renditions of the audition material. Make sure you carefully read the audition packet for performance instructions.

gps2020 - click

The g.p.s - click will be used for all instruments, however, those preparing the bass audition should be aware that the audition excerpt does not use the entire click track. Material for bass ends at [3:55].

snare drum

gps2020 - snare
shockwave - snare


gps2020 - tenors
shockwave - tenor

bass drum

gps2020 - bass



snare drum

gps_workshop_snare with click

bass drum

gps_workshop_bd with click


major scales
fluency 1
workshop melody

battery percussion cadence


front ensemble

gps2020 - 2 mallet
gps2020 - 4 mallet
front ens.jpg

click track

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