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Spring Tour

ETHS Tour Information

The Evanston Township High School Band plans performance tours every two years to enrich the curricular program and enhance the group experience for its members.  We are excited to release details regarding our 2020 tour to New Orleans!

Chaperone Interest

     We have already had a great deal of "interest" in chaperoning our tour to New Orleans this February.  In order to treat the selection fairly, we ask that you complete the following Chaperone Interest Form even if we have had a conversation or email exchange at any point up until now.  Chaperones pay 50% of the total cost of the trip and must register through the Bob Rogers IPS system by October 1st with everyone else, so we aim to make decisions on chaperones in the next few weeks.  A chaperone is defined as a parent who can offer supervision assistance of students for the entire trip - including the bus ride to and from New Orleans.  If you wish to attend the trip and offer assistance by meeting us in New Orleans, please indicate this on the form, as this will be a part of our decision making process and could impact the 50% payment agreement.  ETHS requires us to travel on a 1 to 15 ratio, which will be our first priority in selecting parents to travel with us.  Completing this form is not an indication of being selected as a chaperone.  We will confirm chaperones by October 1st.  Thank you in advance for your interest!


New Orleans Tour 2020 Chaperone Interest Form

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