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Back from NYC

17/03/14 10:35

Hello from ETHS!
We have safely returned from a fantastic trip to NYC! Students are unloading buses as we speak and will be dismissed to their 5th period classes upon the completion of the unpacking process. We have had a wonderful trip to the Big Apple, but it is wonderful to be home. Thanks to all of our chaperones and students - this has been an awesome experience!
-The ETHS Trip Band

On The Road Again

16/03/14 20:37

We are homeward bound!
After a wonderful trip to the Big Apple, we are homeward bound. It’s been a great trip filled with wonderful experiences, inside jokes, social connections, and downright good fun, we are happy to be on our way home. We expect to stop once at a rest stop to stretch our legs before bedding down for the night, and another time in Ohio to change drivers. We are looking forward to pulling into ETHS on schedule around 11:00 a.m. ETHS here we come!
-The ETHS Tour Band

Jazz Ensemble at B.B. Kings

16/03/14 17:39

Hello from B.B. King’s Restaurant!
The ETHS Jazz Ensemble is killing it on stage at B.B. King’s! Led by strong soloists, and a fat big-band sound, the group is playing a full 30 minute set for a packed house of ETHS students, parents, and local diners. With the help of a great sound technician, awesome lighting, and a great stage setup - this is definitely the real thing!
-The ETHS Tour Band

Student Perspectives:

What a way to wrap up my Senior Jazz season and trip. This whole thing was ridiculous and just such an amazing experience to be a part of. Glad I got to meet a bunch of cool people and I hope to leave a legacy! Either way, between meeting famous musicians and actors, just the time we all spent together was amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better Band family to have spent it with. Thanks guys, love you all.

- Whitcliffe Roberts

Top of the Rock

16/03/14 17:00

Hello from the top of Rockafeller Center!
The ETHS band just rode up to the 67th floor of 30 Rockafeller Center! The view was breathtaking - with a great observation deck of the entire city. We also had a great opportunity to see Max Davies ask Angela Wong to prom with the help of several friends. It was a great time!
-The ETHS Tour Band

Student Perspectives:

The day started with an early wakeup call and a lot of hurried packing, soon we found ourselves crammed into elevators with amazing glass ceilings hurtling to the top, everything seemed miniaturized, the cars as small as matchboxes and the trees bundles of twigs. The view was astounding, it made many of us think about our perspective on life (the rest just spit off the edge) the lights were beautiful and for a minute we were truly on the top of the rock.
~ Maeve Gavagan

Wow, what an inspiringly busy day. Waking up at 5:45 has, and probably never will be, my strong suit. Then breakfast which was delicious as always. 
We took a guided tour around the city, stopping at a number of movie venues along the way. Scott, our tour guide, kept us entertained along the way - through we were extremely groggy at the time. 
After wind ensemble had a clinic, and the rest of the band explored Times Square, we all walked through a metal detector in order to be allowed into the Top of the Rock. We got the opportunity to ride in what will probably be the coolest elevator I’ll ever use. The ceiling was clear, and my ears popped 4 times on the way up! At the top, there were 3 levels of observation decks, which we explored, took pictures on, and generally admired. Luckily nobody dropped anything over the edge. The view was fantastic, and - though I was under the impression that heat rises - it was very cold and windy. 
Now to dinner, I’m super excited! Yum yum yum, B.B.Kings should be quite a treat, baked mac n’ cheese...
- A Now VERY Sleep Deprived Band Student

Wind Symphony Clinic with NY Philharmonic

16/03/14 15:00

Hello from Carroll Studios!
The Wind Symphony just finished an excellent clinic with Maestro Adelson from the New York Philharmonic. Adelson focused on making music off of the page - he even had the students perform their music from memory, brought up student conductor Josh Davidoff, and worked on the awesome exchange between instrumentalists and their conductor. In the question and answer period that followed, he emphasized the importance of being prepared for every rehearsal with ample practice time at home - in order to create magical music moments on a regular basis. He answered many questions about conducting, music making, and the New York Philharmonic. This was a truly memorable experience for us all!
-The ETHS Tour Band


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